Books read in 2006

  Author Title Date
1 Ian Rankin Fleshmarket Close January
2 Dick Francis For Kicks January
3 Charles Higson King of the Ants January
4 Mike Edwards Death Threats from an 8 Year Old in the Seychelles January
5 Dick Francis For Kicks February
6 Dick Francis Hot Money February
7 Dick Francis Dead Cert February
8 Dick Francis Smokescreen February
9 Richard Preston The Hot Zone March
10 David Owen Pig's Head March
11 Jack Higgins The Graveyard Shift March
12 Douglas Adams Last Chance to See March
13 Truman Capote Breakfast at Tiffany's March
14 Jeffrey Archer Prison Diaries Vol. 1: Hell April
15 Jeffrey Archer Prison Diaries Vol. 2: Purgatory April
16 Michka Assayas Bono: In Conversation April
17 Jeffrey Archer Prison Diaries Vol. 3: Heaven April
18 Ken Follett The Man From St. Petersburg April
19 Truman Capote In Cold Blood April
20 Sting Broken Music May
21 Dick Francis Bloodsport May
22 Charlie Higson Silverfin May
23 Charles Higson Full Whack June
24 Dick Francis In the Frame June
25 Clive Cussler Raise the Titanic June
26 Clive Cussler Night Probe June
27 John Cleary Winter Chill July
28 Arthur Hailey Detective August
29 Dick Francis Wild Horses August
30 John Dunning Deadline September
31 Dick Francis Knockdown October
32 Richard North Patterson Degree of Guilt October
33 Clive Cussler Cyclops November
34 Clive Cussler Dragon November
35 Michael Crichton Rising Sun December
36 Dany Leferriere The Aroma of Coffee December


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