Clive Cussler- Dragon

Clive Cussler: Dragon

Clive Cussler has written a long series of novels featuring Dirk Pitt a character for whom danger and death are commonplace and where no situation is hopeless.

Dragon falls somewhere in the middle of the series and is the litterary equivalent of mashed potatoes and gravy. Satisfying but hardly challenging or likely to broaden your horizons.

Having said that, the book is somewhat of a period piece in that the villains are Japanese mobsters that represent the Japanese attitude towards non-Japanese people. In the early 90's there were several other popular novels that raised questions about the Japanese agenda. The most popular of these was "Rising Sun" by Michael Crichton.

If you like Clive Cussler you'll like this book and if you're looking for a new author with a large body of work he'll fit the bill but be aware this is not the first book in the series.

Keep your eyes peeled for the author's first appearance in one of his novels.

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