Plus 44- When Your Heart Stops Beating

When Your Heart Stops Beating

Plus 44 is the band formed by Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker after Blink-182 went on "indefinite hiatus".

I really liked the direction Blink-182 were going with the release of their last album (untitled) and was very disappointed when they broke up. I was even more disappointed after hearing Tom Delonge's new band Angels and Airwaves debut. I like the album (We Don't Need To Whisper) but it reminded me why I preferred Hoppus' to DeLonge's work.

Where "We Don't Need to Whisper" is grandiouse and at the same time surface "When Your Heart Stops Beating" is stripped down and direct. It is also darker and more mature but listening to it is an enduring pleasure rather than a passing one which is how I found "We Don't Need To Whisper".

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