Dina and John's Wedding Day

Dina (Angie's friend) got married at Firefly in Jamaica on March 27th. It was a pretty hot day but there was a nice breeze on the bluff so it wasn't too bad. Of course I was mostly standing in the shade and I did overhear one member of the birdal party mention that they could feel sweat running down their butt-crack. 'For bonus points what is "Firefly" famous for?

A map of the area.

The wedding arch overlooking Blue harbour.

Angie and Claude.

Dina and her parents.

During the nuptuals.

"You may now kiss the bride".

Dina and John releasing some doves. What isn't in the shot is the eagle soaring above the ceremony that I had fleeting hopes might put on a show.

Angie and her parasol.

Angie with her beautiful parasol and beautiful husband.

Angie with Blue Harbour in the background.


The answer to my earlier question is, of course, that Firefly was Noel Coward's island hideaway. Apparently he did, of an evening, make the jaunt down the hill to "Goldeneye" for brandy and cigars with Ian Fleming, famous author of the "Anne of Green Gables" series.


After the wedding we returned to Ocho Rios for a moonlight cruise upon the good ship Cool Runnnigs III.

Dina, Heather and Angie.

Heather, Dina, Shawn, Angie and a dead body.

Brent, Angie and Nancy.

Some hideous fisher-person.



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