Jamaica March '08- Candid Shots

Angie's friend Dina got married in Jamaica over spring break and Angie was a part of the bridal party. The following are shots from either side of the wedding day.

A little stowaway.

Us at the beginning of the 2.5 hour journey to the resort. It was quite a trip. There was a loud holiday maker who thought he was "entertaining" everyone, including the bus driver, for the whole trip. Good times, good times.

Angie with our room in the background.

The two of us at the awesome tourist crap/jewelery mall. We only got to spend a couple of hours there unfortunately.

Heather and Angie at the Super Jumbo Awesome Strip Mega-Center Mall Outlet.

Angie at breakfast.

A "supermarket" which gives you some idea of the financial situation for the majority of Jamaicans.

Angie self-portrait.

Angie and the bridge on the way to our room.

Angie on the same bridge with the fish pond over her shoulder.

Angie and that bridge again.

The most photographed tree on the resort.

The Italian restaurant. There are a lot of different restaurants you could go to and just roll up once they open. There also two fancy restaurants but they require you to be dressed up.

Us at "Jamaica night", which I thought was every night, but there you go.



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