Daniel's Citizenship Ceremony

After living in Canada since 2000 I finally became a Canadian Citizen. It doesn't ordinarily take someone 8 years but even if you were fast you probably wouldn't get much change from 5 years. When we got there we had a bit of a surprise; instead of it being an hour with speeches and presentation it was over 4 hours! Suffice to say Noah wasn't completely enraptured for the whole thing and entertained himself as best he could. This included: talking on the microphone, running on the ramp, busting into the Mayor's office, making his mother chase him up several flights of stairs, riding up and down in the elevators, rolling over the floor, chatting with random people, clapping for all new the citizens and telling them "good job lady" and of course getting into photographs that will almost certainly show up in several publications (I guess that's one thing he got from his uncle Ben).

Noah on his stage.

Look, I'm becoming a citizen.

Angie while she still had some energy.

Noah standing still for a moment.

Getting ready to run down the ramp.

Running down the loud echoing ramp for the twentieth time.

Being a full-time menace sure works up an appetite.

Noah with the balloon which he popped during the speech given by John Ralston Saul so he could get everyone's attention.

Noah approves.

Noah's stage being used by some people doing something.


Noah keeping a close eye on me getting my Canadian Citizenship Documents.



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