Xmas Eve '07 at Pat and Bob's

A family gathering for chili, cognac, fine cuban cigars and spirited debate about the relative contributions of cubism and dadaism to the postmodern cinematic zeitgeist as seen in Paris Hilton's interpretation of Christabell in The Hottie and the Nottie.

Bob/Poppa, the patriarch of the festive occasion.

Angie and Pat/Nana.

Noah and "Granny".

Julian, Rob, Noah and the effect of several flashes going off at the same time.

Angie, sad Oliver and Rob.

When Noah gets tired he loves to run his fingers through things like the tassels on his blanket and his Mother's hair.

Angie and bilahnkette.

Val and Oliver.

The three Hodges under the tree. What else could you want for Christmas?

The Yees.

Val Oliver and Rob.

Noah and Zoe playing with the blocks.

A giant menacing an otherwise peaceful house.

A photo by Noah.

No more flash photographs please.

Pat and Oliver.

Zoe and Jerry.

Zoe saying "see you tomorrow" to Bob.

An angie self portrait.

Pants back on now that it is time to go.


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