What Noah and his Dad did one January Weekend in 2007

Noah gathering his energy.

Energy fully gathered

Fueling up.

Watching "Toopy and Binoo".

Aaaaaand... GO!

Clothes on.

Have bag: will travel.

Strapped in and ready to go.

At "The Home of the Golden Arches" (not shown).

Dipping a fry

Eating a fry

Mmmmm chocolate milk.




Dipping a nugget shaped like a boot.

A nice hug.

At Xtra foods.

Picking out a basket. That wouldn't last long.

The way all the cool kids are rolling.

Noah riding the supermarket luge (video)

Collecting provisions. I said "Go get some butter" and he went right to it.

Noah in pharmacy jail.

The cute kid at the checkout.

Noah helping at the checkout (video)

Ringing the doorbell; Jasmine liked that.

Coat off...

..and into bed.


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