Wainuiomata Coastline

On Sunday July the 29th we took a trip to the south coast of the North Island. These are pictures from that day. If you look carefully in the background of several of the shots you can make out the Kaikoura Ranges that run down the East coast of the South Island.

All of us.

The Coastline.


Kings of the world.

If we were a band instead of a family this would be the cover of our latest album.

Noah and his Mumma climbing onto the tail of a huge stone whale.

Ben as Mr. Wilberforce (I can't find a picture of "Mr. Wilberforce" a character from a dramatized of the novel of Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee). The shot could also be called "Ben with kelp on his head".

Angie and the boys.

Ben and the boys.


STOOOOOOOP Mumma! Noah wasn't too happy for anyone to go close to the sea.


Noah and his magic wand.

The Thinker.

Two mountaineering boys.

An international man of mystery.

Two boys and their steeds.

Ben and a driftwood house.

Noah, Louis and Ben check out the house.

Noah lifting a "stone".

Noah and Louis dancing.

A troll at the door of the driftwood house.

The three of us.

Angie's self-portrait.

"I'm an ocean, because I'm really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures."  Christina Aguilera.

Highway Patrol, NZ style.


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