Staglands NZ '07

The following pictures were taken at Staglands wildlife reserve. You walk amongst the animals and can pat them and pick them up and in some cases ride them, as you will see...

Glasses on and ready to go.

Noah and two other cool guys.

Just enough time for some golf/ball type game.


Before going in we had a picnic with some peacocks.

Noah chasing the peacocks.

Feeding the peacock.


Noah and Louis needed to do some running around before going into the reserve.



Just outside the park was a construction site which in itself was good enough for Noah and Louis.






Angie captures "The Decisive Moment"

Granny and her two boys.

After all the fun times it was actually time to go into Staglands.

Noah and some geese.

Noah patting a sheep.

Noah feeding a sheep.


Noah feeding a sheep.


Next Noah saw a pig.


Ben feeding a pig.


Then he saw some donkeys.

Noah and some wild animals.

Angie and one of the donkeys.

Looking into the belly of the beast, well the mouth at least.


There was a bit of walking between the areas in the park and walking in the right way was important.

A cute guy.


Noah and a baby guinea pig.


Louis and a rabbit.

Ben and Annabel.

We reached the bottom of the valley where there were pony rides, unfortunately there was a large family all waiting to have a turn before Noah got to be a "cowboy".

He finally got to have a turn and he loved it.





Noah the cowboy in action.


After having his turn he wanted to help Louis have a turn.

noah leading the pony.




Noah helping walk the pony.


Noah takes time out to throw a stone or two into the river.

How Noah spent most of his day...


except when he wanted to get down.

Noah finds something else to cling onto.

Angie self portrait.

Another Angie self portrait.

in Staglands there was a recreation of an old town.

Old Angie Oakley.

Old Noah Oakley.

Angie pilloried.

Angie on a rickety old swing-bridge.

Feeding a drafthorse. It is in training to give rides.

Noah puts his gum-boots through their paces in a small stream.

Noah peaking out a window at his Mum.

Noah in speed mode.


Hanging out with the animals seemed to have an enwilding effect on Louis.


Everyone again, notice Noah has shed his pants.

The perfect way to end a busy day.


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