NZ Shots '07 (2)

Week 2 in "The Land of the Long White Cloud".

Noah pointing at his "ray-bo" birds.

Reading time.

Bat cuddling time.

Number One tower builder.

Number One tower destroyer.

Shopping ready!

Shopping set!


Shopping go!

Pushcart Movie


Noah up a Warehouse aisle with a paddle.

Legacy of my first brush of the season with "The Beautiful Game".

Noah drawing a zebra (it was supposed to be Jasmine but there was no convincing him) with Granny.

Where's Noah?

There he is!

Noah and his Mum making a snow-penguin.

Close-up of The Snow Penguin.

Noah in action.





All the right tools for ball-on-table-into-basin golf.


See, told you. video


Play-doh action.

More Play-doh action.

Golf bag jockey.



Giddy-up. video



Noah's big run. video


Granny, Grandpa and The Golf Bag Jockey.

"Come on Grandpa!"

"Oh no."


Noah demonstrates how to do it. video



Noah and Louis reading together.

Noah in the laundry basket.

Another week down and time for a sleep on top of a cardboard box containing a metal table. Luxury!


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