NZ Shots '07

Shots from the trip over to New Zealand, Ben's birthday and the first week of our annual pilgrimage to "The Land of the Long White Cloud".

Noah staying in touch between flights.

Noah relaxing after a long trip.

More relaxing after a long trip.

Noah and Louis.

Noah and Louis playing safe.

Noah in his PJs.

A nice cuddle for Mumma.

Noah playing with some playdoh.



Noah chatting while playing with playdoh.


Noah's "ray-bo" birds. There is a flock of about 8 of them that periodically turn up outside the side door on the golf course.

Noah gets stuck.

Story time with Granny.

Look, it really is winter!


Angie's audition tape for a career in nature documentaries.





Arggghhhhhh..... No really this is so tight it hurts.

Noah surveys the Saturday morning produce market.

Noah in his usual spot.


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