Our Submarine Trip

Bob, Joan, Angie and Me went for a trip on a civilian submarine. We only went to a depth of 135', or 40m for those living in the 21st century, but even at that depth the only colours not filtered out were yellows, blues and greens.

Heading out to the sub.

Still heading out to the sub.

Almost at the sub, honest.


The sub, no really there is a sub...


Look! Fish!





The "Frog" or "Angel" fish the guide is talking about is clinging to the anchor chain with its tail pointing down.

Trouble in paradise. This is what happens when you make the anchor line too short when the tide is out.

Clouds are brilliant aren't they. They're just like my breath in winter but much bigger and they live in the sky. Briiiiiilliaaaaaaant...


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