General shots from Maui '07

There are two other pages from the trip as well: Margie's wedding to Mike and a submarine fish Safari.

Bob rented a house for most of the family to stay in. This is one of several laminated hawiian shirts that were hung on the wall.

Outside the "Bubba Gump Shrimp Co." restaurant using the photo props.


Noah enjoying the beach 8 minutes walk from the house.

Angie and Noah on that same beach.

Angie snorkelling out to a cruise ship.

The Beach from the ocean side. We're sitting between the tallest palm and the low dark green tree.

Angie and "Aunty Treasure" racing in inflatable ducks in the house pool.

This is the wettest Noah got on the trip apart from showering.

At the Maui Ocean Center.




Zoe enjoying something orange.

Angie and a friend.

Bob, Jerry and Julian went on a helicopter ride above the island and Bob got one or two shots. This one is of a series of volcanic craters.

Noah waiting for his blahn-ket to dry. He sat there for the whole drying cycle.

Shoppng is thirsty work...

as is hitching a ride after shopping.


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