Noah Playing in the Back Yard

The following pictures are of Noah with his hut and playing with Julian and Zoe. June 24th 2007.

Noah's "hut" or "fort" to North American visitors.

Noah testing his hut.

Noah after decorating.

Two crazy guys in the hut.

The sand table.


Noah excavating.


Julian winds up.


Noah and Julian chasing about.


Noah testing out his rugby skills.

The great chair race.

Bob and Zoe.

Patriot games.

Noah and Zoe.

Noah "helping" Julian.

Noah, Julian and Zoe.

Noah pouring sand.

Noah with his baseball bat.

Noah makes contact.

Julian makes contact.

Everyone makes contact.

Explorers back from the jungle.

Talking to Angie on the Webcam

Hugging Zoe.

Hugging Julian.

"Where's the bat?".

The Thinker.

The Two Musketeers.

Jumping Julian Flash.


The jumpers.


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