Hallowe'en '07

2007 was the first year for Noah really understanding and being able to solicit candy all by himself. He really took to it but he was very polite except when he saw the candy bowl the candy was coming from. If he spotted one after craning his head around the door he'd say "More candy" or "lollipop" if he saw one but didn't get one already. Needless to say he did pretty well as you will see.

The first order of Hallowe'en business was to carve a pumpkin. Angie's is on the left and Noah's effort is on the right. Not bad for a three year old.

Noah was a zebra this year,...

a zebra with attitude,..

and a shy gentle side that likes to kiss itself in the miror.

Noah the Zebra and his Mum.


Noah handing out candy before beginning his own trick or treating.



Noah testing out his own trick or treating skills on a friendly audience.


Noah the Zebra and his Mum.


Noah and his trick or treat limousine.

Noah showing off his Zebra tail.

Noah making sure he got a lollipop.

Some older chaps making the most of the availablity of free candy!

One of many well decorated houses in our area.

Tired out and on the way...


Noah's first Hallowe'en haul.

Holding onto the best bits.


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