Miscellaneous Pictures and Video from the First Half of '07

The following pictures and video were captured during the first half of 2007.

Noah catching some z s with his Grandpa.


Noah and his Grandpa celebrating a successful lunch.



Noah playing with a retractable tape measure.


Noah trying to whistle.


Noah doing some housework..


Digging some snow.

Two crazy guys.

Pepperoni; it's what all the cool kids are eating.

Noah helping with a "puzz".

Noah enjoying some of his Granny's rice pudding.

Noah enjoying some cake.


Eating cake "Noah-style".


Angie and her "BIG 3-2" cake.

Angie's birthday self-portrait.


More enjoying Angie's birthday balloons.



Enjoying Angie's birthday balloons.


Noah enjoying his inflatable day-bed.


Noah busting a move.


Tooth-brushing time.

Fresh out of the bath.

Enjoying fruit snacks after a bath.


Playing with the sewing machine light.


Being two is tiring.

Testing out a mask for his Backyardigans birthday party.


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