What Noah and his Dad did one January Weekend in 2007– Part 2

A bad time for a photograph.

A B_A_D time for a photograph...

...but a good time for milk...

...and some strawberries.

The TV ghost.

Time for Dad to get up.

Noah on the stairs.

One sec. Just have to check my email.

...if you don't forward this email to ten friends in the next 3 minutes....

Noah emailing (video)

Playing "Pairs".

Two morning people.

Mr. Potato-heading.


Nice smile.

Noah and "Blanket" in his basket.

Noah showshoeing (video)

Noah on his way to breakfast. He wrapped his scarf around on his own.

At Canadian Tire with my new ice scraper.

Outside our breakfast venue of choice.

Colouring in Humpty.

Yummy Choc.

"Dip", "Dip", "Dip". Bacon would be nothing without dipping it into pankcake syrup.

Noah ready for a walk with Jasmine, and by ready I mean with only his coat on after being very cross at the idea of having to wear gloves or a hat.

Jasmine and Noah.


All three of us taken by a kid sledding in the park.


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