New Zealand '06 Collection 5 Karori Bird Sanctuary

On August the 20th we all went to the Karori Bird Sanctuary a bird sanctuary pretty well right in the middle of Wellington. These are the photographs from that day.

Noah testing out him Mum's shoulders.

No too bad.

Angie taking Noah for a run (video).

All smiles. A successful ride.

After walking for a while we came to a lake created by a dam where we stopped for lunch. Some old butterfly valves from the dam were on display.

Testing out the valves with an audience.

The valve top dancefloor (video).

Noah testing out the valve's top.

Noah testing out the inside of the valve.

Noah running.

More running.

The three of us

The three of us and Noah's lunch.

Noah and Louis


Ben, Annabel and Louis.

Noah and Ben.

Louis feeding me the mandarin he didn't want.

Noah and his Granny.

Noah striking out on his own.

Noah running downhill with some assistance.

Noah didin't like the smell of the telescope.

A Tuatara.

I bet you were expecting to see some birds!


Noah running with his Mum

Valve-top dancefloor

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