New Zealand '06 Collection 4 Part 2

One day we drove to Paraparaumu and had lunch at a duck pond. Needless to say Noah found the ducks quite entertaining...

and the pond.

He also found the time to scare some small children.

Lunch with a duck.

After lunch there was time for a walk.

And some running around.

Noah and his steed again.

The perfect end to the day: a home cooked meal by my father; the first one I've ever had.

A few days later we went to the Avalon park with Louis.

Noah and Louis.


Louis again.

Noah on the fireman's pole.

Noah on the swing.

"... carry the one... that'll be 15 Yuan for the eel.

A study in Angie.

My favourite shot of Noah this holiday.

No time for posing.

Another day in the bag.

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