New Zealand '06 Collection 3

Noah and his Grandpa walking on the golf course.

Checking out the pinecones under the Monterey Pine just over the fence. It has monarch butterflies on it even in the middle of winter.

A closer look at some pinecones."

On Monday the 24th of July we went to Island bay, not to be confused with The Bay of Islands which is about 850km north. I guess it is called Island Bay because of the little islands in the surf but if you look in the background of several of the shots you can see the South Island with its snow covered mountain range.

The orientation of the shots with the South Island in the background.

The islands of Island Bay with the South Island in the background.

Angie after she recovered from a seagull swooping down and stealing a french fry out of her hand as she dangled it out the car window to cool.

Cool Dudes at Island Bay.

Two lads with the Inter-island ferry in the background.

The sea was angry that day my friends.

The South Island is visible in the background of this shot.

Noah finds a stone.

Noah and his Mum.

The thinker and his Mum.

Noah and his Granny.

Noah and his Dad with the Inter-island ferry in the background.

It wouldn't be an expedition without Noah making a run for it.





Sleepy-time for the lad after an exhausting day.

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