New Zealand '06 Collection 2

Noah is the child that came in from the cold.

Noah watching "Shek" a.k.a. "Shrek" to non-two year olds.

Noah's mystery blister. We're not too sure where it came from but Noah liked it a lot and was upset when, after repeatedly poking it, it disappeared.

Price checker required from "Small Children" or "Clean-up on aisle 6; cuteness spill."

Granny with her two boys.

Who's going to the All-Black game?.

Close your eyes if your mother is going to the All-Black game.

On Sunday the 23rd we went to Wellington Zoo. The following are shots from that day.

Ben, Noah and some other guy.

Noah ditches everything he loves for some new friends.

Noah and his trusty steed.

Ben, Annabel and Louis and...


Noah and his Mum.

Noah's Mum.

The Thinker.

A sunbear.

A scratching Sunbear

What we in the business call a "Lion".

Ben and Louis






Part of the All-Black Haka

Noah and a Mandarin Duck.

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