New Zealand '06 Collection 1

Noah in his grandparents backyard a.k.a. the 15th hole of the Hutt Valley Golf Club

A sneaky peeker.

"I'm a lost child and I need a home. Will you take care of me?"

"Yes! I'm in."

Noah's cousin Louis.

Measuring up.

Noah with his old friend.

Noah trying out doing the dishes. Notice he's not only wearing an apron but his rubber boots too. Safety first!

Noah and a helper.

On Sunday the 16th we went to Kaitoke National park Which has lots of nice spots for a picnic and is famous for being the site of several scenes from The Lord of the Rings. The following are shots from that day.

On the way to Kaitoke with the "Bucktooth Bandit".

Walking down to the river.

Noah in speed mode.

Getting ready to walk the short loop track over a "swing-bridge".

Noah's "glamour shot".

Another "glamour shot".

Noah and his Mum.

Noah and his Mum again.

Noah's Mum by herself, a.k.a Angie.

Ben finds a teachable moment. "Notice the leaves on this tree are, what botanists like to call, 'green'"

Louis and Ben

Noah loved every second of being carried along through the forest.

The suspension bridge. It's kind of bouncy to walk across and really bouncy if you sort of jump up and down as you cross it.

Scene of a scene.

Where the party pushes off.

All that's left of the movie being filmed here. The Department of Conservation, in their ultimate wisdom, decreed that no sign of the film having ever been made may be left behind in any public places. All that remains of the film was this sign, erected well off the beaten path.

Noah enjoying a sausie for his lunch.

Noah, Louis and Ben after lunch. Instead of taking it easy so that their food could digest they threw caution to the wind and ran about like mad bastards.

We got to see The General Lee. Like most things it was a lot smaller in person than on television.

After a big day all you can do is collect your blanket...

...drag you Mum to your room to be tucked in...

...and go to sleep.


Noah running like a crazy guy

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