Las Vegas April 2006

Excalibur. The Hotel we stayed in.

A view down (towards the North so maybe up would be better) the strip. Our hotel is behind us and to the left

The statue of Liberty watching over our hotel. It is actually part of New York New York but she is staring sort of in the direction of excalibur.

Let not a woman be measured by her stature but by the size of her vision. Quote by Daniel Hodges: right then

The Venitian is one of the most faithfully reproduced hotels we saw.

Inside the venetian.

Inside the venetian.

Us at the Venitian.

Angie: a study in self-portraiture.

A large hotel in the middle of the strip. The best bits are the fish tank at reception and the palm trees outside which are really well established and quite impressive.

Treasure Island. It used to have a swashbuckling showdown between pirates now it has a dancing review including scantily clad men and women who vaguely resemble pirates. It was actually too windy for the performers when we went to look. Oh well.

This hotel called the Luxor is North of the Excalibur and is shaped like a big pyramid. The kids in the shot ran up to be in the shot sort of like a child I once knew. We saw Carrot-top here which is a comedian rather than a really big actual carrot-top.

The Eiffel Tower (it is half the height).

This is probably a famous fountain in Paris. I got "flan" in a boulangerie in this hotel. It was pretty good.

Angie's favourite shop.

The only Elvis we saw. It's an Elvis from his "Surly, Unapproachable and Rude to Tourists Phase". This particular Elvis was heard to say to an elderly woman "I don't want to have a conversation with you and I'm not going to hug you for change." I took this photo for no charge because I like to buck the system.

Video Clips

A clip of the Bellagio fountain show we saw

A clip of the Freemont Street screen.


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