Noah's First Swim

April 1st 2006. Noah went to the Y.M.C.A. for his first non-bath swim. Here are a few pictures and two short video clips of the event. We only had an hour before the little kids swimming lessons started but it turned out about half an hour was long enough as the water was a bit cold.

Noah anxiously awaiting the commencement of fun.

Not in the water yet and his eyes are already wet.

Although it isn't even deeper than his usual bath level he's quite worried about the whole business.

Not having fun yet.

Or yet.

Or even yet.

The kids pool. It has separate heating (not enough on this particular day) and a perspex/plexiglass division between it and the main pool. Its maximum depth is only about 18 inches.

He didn't really enjoy moving around looking over a shoulder.

It had its advantages though such as spotting a big bin full of toys.

Noah and his two cetacean friends.

He much prefered to move around like this.

He also liked holding onto a little yellow duck.

His confidence improved steadily until he didn't need to even hang on any more leaving both hands available to carry little water friends.

Look no hands.

Noah was about to make a new friend; it's green...

Eventually he discovered his favourites: the watering cans.

Experimenting with water and gravity.

Noah tipping out his water.

More tipping.


Not too many smiles but I think he'll enjoy a return trip.

Video Clips

Naoh's First Swim Video

Naoh's Second Swim Video


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