February and March 2006

Zoe, Julian and Noah.

Noah reading "Snuggle Puppy".

Dental hygeine is still one of Noah's top priorities.

The little drummer boy.

Some love for Jazzy.

Some more love for Jazzy.

Noah and his mashmallow bunnies.

Yummy bunnies.

Noah feeding himself a yoghurt.

Noah and Jasmine licking out the yoghurt pot.

Noah enjoying "Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit" for the 17th time.

A Banana and a foot-stool. The perfect accoutrements for an encore performance of "The Curse of the Were-rabbit"

Noah sorting out his finances.

Noah helping with the house-work.

A jig on St. Patrick's day.

St. Patrick's Day get-ups.

Noah rishes he was Irish.

Angie's self-portrait.

St. Patrick's day is funny.

Really funny.

What were we laughing at?.

Sometimes you never want the day to end.

But the sleepiness gets you in the end.



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