Noah's 2nd Birthday Party May 28th 2006

Noah's backyard playground from his Nan and Poppy. He loves it.

See he loves it

Unorthodox slide useage.

Noah and his friend Corbin.

Noah's friend Karissa.

Erin and Corbin.

Just Corbin.

Corbin and Karissa.

Dina and John.

Lila being carried away by some balloons.

Hands up if you want some bubbles!

Noah and Julian chasing bubbles.

Noah and Julian waiting for more bubbles.

More bubbles please.

Everyone loves bubbles.

Yay bubbles!

Noah enjoying a tasty burger.

Noah's birthday cake decorated by Angie. Nice Job!

Noah's cake with candles.

Angie showing off her shiny teeth.

Angie with icecream cake on her nose thanks to Lila.


Noah in his bithday hat.

Kala and Emmanuel.

Jackie and Sam.

Yum cake.

Angie helping Noah with his cake.

Wow all these gifts for me?

Noah with his magnetic animal. You can change its legs and so forth. Bob described it as the "Mr. Potato-head for a new millennium" or something like that.

Noah and his friends in the blow-up ball pool. The whole thing was blown up by Dave who you can see having a wee lay down behind it to the right.

Angie and Julian.

Noah and his helium birthday balloons in his fancy Quiksilver jacket from Lila and Sam.

Angie and Noah.

Video Clips

It may take a while for these to download depending on your connection speed.

A clip of Dave blowing some bubbles and Julian chasing them

Noah surrounded by gifts and speedy kids.

Noah and friends doing some bubble chasing.

Noah and friends chasing more bubbles.


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