Lemmy Kilmister– White Line Fever

Lemmy Kilmister– White Line Fever

I like autobiographies, especially ones written by musicians and White Line Fever is one of my favourites.

As the title suggests read this book it is like a blurred ride in a time machine that dots down every few months for an brief anecdote before blasting along again.

To call Lemmy is a rock legend understates what he has seen and done. Apart from producing memorable, influential music for more than 30 years he has an encyclopedic first hand knowledge of music beggining before there was even such a thing as Rock'n'Roll.

He saw the Beatles play The Cavern, he saw Buddy Holly, and he was on the road with Hendrix.

Cynical types might say he's just making it all up because who, afterall, could disagree? But you come away with no doubt it is all true, at least as Lemmy could recall it. I was left in no doubt as to its veracity by one simple fact: with all he saw Lemmy could easy have told a much bigger story by making more than they were of his relationships with significant rock icons.

I'd recommend this book to Motörhead fans, music fans, recent history fans pretty much anyone. It is a great read and you will be left with admiration for Lemmy Kilmister. You may not agree with the way he has lived his life or the choices he has made but you cannot fault the way he has embraced it and lived it to the full.

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