Reginald Hill– Singing the Sadness

Reginald Hill– Singing the Sadness

Singing the Sadness is a Ron Sixsmith novel centred around skullduggery in the small Welsh town of Llanffugiol.

Sixsmith, a redundant lathe operator turned PI, is hoping to enjoy a weekend participating in a choral competition. Unfortunately while searching for their accommodations and well off the beaten path , he finds himself an accidental hero after saving a girl from a burning building.

His voice wrecked by smoke inhalation he briefly convelesces in the infirmary of a local boarding school, unbeknownst to him under the watchful eye of a cctv network. It's not long though before he's up and about and with time on his hands he's investigating before he knows it.

Who is the girl? What has happened to all the road signs and why are there cameras all over the school including the infirmary?

I find Reginald Hill a little prosaic for the most part and this novel has done little to increase my enjoyment of his work. It isn't a bad book and in some ways it is quite entertaining but I always feel Hill's writing is designed to appeal to the Coronation Street set, an exclusive club of which I am not a part.

254 pages

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