John Harvey– Rough Treatment

John Harvey– Rough Treatment

An apparent random burglary nets an unexpected reward, actually two unexpected rewards. Resnick investigates.

Rough Treatment is the third novel I have read written by John Harvey after Flesh and Blood and Lonely Hearts.

This book contains a lot of side character development which I put down to Harvey's success with Lonely Hearts (it was selected by The Times as one of "The Hundred Best Crime Novels of the Last Century"). People really liked his creation, Charlie Resnick, and in Rough Treatment he gave him full reign to expand. The supporting cast also gets a good going over as well.

I enjoy character development so I really enjoyed this book and as of the time I write this I am well into my third Resnick novel and thoroughly enjoying it due, in no small part, to the foundations laid in this book.


343 pages

368 pages.

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