Hiroo Onoda– No Surrender: My Thirty-Year War

Hiroo Onoda– No Surrender: My 30 Years War

I first read about Japanese soldiers that fought on unaware the war had ended when I was a child. I was quite into Robinson Crusoe and the notion of being stranded on a desert island so when I read about these guys I wondered how they survived and what the experience was like.

I read Robinson Crusoe and found the story compelling but the dispassionate narrative a little disappointing and No Surrender is unfortunately cut from identical cloth. The facts are really interesting but their is no soul to the book. Perhaps it takes a certain type of person to survive under these circumstances.

Unlike Robinson Crusoe (Alexander Selkirk) Onoda was a voluntary castaway and it boggles the mind the lengths he went to to convince himself that the war was still on. He clearly had some paranoiac psychosis but to a certain extent considering his training it is somewhat understandable why he stayed there for 30 years.

I recommend this book to people who enjoyed Robinson Crusoe, WWII history buffs and people who enjoy adventure tales.

218 Pages

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