Jeffery Deaver– The Cold Moon

Jeffery Deaver– The Cold Moon

Lincoln Rhyme, a tetraplegic criminalist, along with his eyes and ears Amelia Sachs (not to be confused with Amelia Sach)and various other police characters are confronted by an apparent serial killer, called The Watchmaker, whose intellect and meticulous nature present a challenge for the team.

I can't say any more without giving the story away and if you like Jeffrey Deaver don't read any further because I didn't like this book. I won't change you mind but I might reduce your enjoyment of his work with my pithy and incisive comments.

I didn't like this book for several reasons. Firstly, I found the story extremely contrived and to make matters worse contrivance was layered on top of contrivance. Secondly, Deaver had the opportunity to create a really strong and formidable opponent for future stories but instead of giving this excellent character full reign to be a real bad guy, a guy you could root for, in the same way you root for Hannibal Lecter because he is so good at being bad, he has Rhyme outwit him. Thirdly, there were several suitable ending points for this tale but it just kept going and going. I would have enjoyed it more if he'd taken any one of them, instead, the end just peters out as the final insult.

Not recommended

656 pages

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