John Harvey– Lonely Hearts

John Harvey– Lonely Hearts

Subscribers to a lonely hearts column fall victim to a killer preying on single women looking for love and companionship. Enter Charlie Resnick a detective inspector from Nottingham.

Lonely Hearts is the second novel I have read written by John Harvey and I had high hopes for it as I thoroughly enjoyed Flesh and Blood. Unfortunately I didn't enjoy it nearly as much. I did like Charlie Resnick the protagonist of this story, and series to come, which is good as I intend to persist with the series.

I put the difference in quality down to a maturation of style and skill. Lonely Hearts was written 15 years before Flesh and Blood and I think it shows.

I would recommend this book if you intend to continue with the series otherwise I'd read Flesh and Blood as in introduction to John Harvey.

368 pages.

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