Dick Francis– High Stakes

Dick Francis– High Stakes

A common misconception about Dick Francis' books is that they are just about horse racing. The fact he has written 30-odd books is a pretty clear indication that he has something more to offer as an author

While it is true that racing often forms a backdrop to the tales he weaves in his later writing it is largely incidental. His protagonists come from a very wide range of vocations and in some cases have absolutely nothing to do with racing.

High Stakes finds us inside the mind (Francis always writes a first person narative) of Steven Scott, a children's toy designer. The hero becomes embroiled in the seedy world of racing skullduggery and, in fact, comes face to face with it in the first line.

I looked at my friend and saw a man who had robbed me.

It isn't Francis' best work but it is a good middling effort and thorougly enjoyable.

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