Richard Dawkins– The God Delusion

Richard Dawkins– The God Delusion

The God Delusion is not a book for those clinging to the tenuous vestiges of their faith either out of comfort or conformity.

The book is not written to convince people to become atheists. Its intention is to "raise consciousness" about the issues surrounding religion and calls into question the very idea that it is not just the "radical" or "fundamental" religious zealots of our religion that damage our society.

Richard Dawkins systematically attacks the validity of the idea of religion from all angles and leaves a thinking person in no doubt that if they were pressed on the subject of their religion, and they were free to answer honestly, (Dawkins discusses at length the political damage such an admission would do to a politician in America) they would have to reply that they were atheists.

One particularly interesting confluence of ideas in the book for me concerend the history of matter and the mind of a child. The idea that the bits I was made of were probably part of a dinosaur at some point or perhaps part of a medieval castle wall was an idea I had as a child when thinking about a compost heap. I'm not suggesting I was especially bright or precocious, quite the opposite, I mention it as an illustration of a point Dawkins made about the way children's understanding of things, which to them are self evident, can get distorted and perverted when filtered through religious doctorine and dogma.

The idea that lies at the core of the book is leave children alone to choose a worldview for themselves. He stops short of calling religious indoctorination of children child abuse but not by much


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