Reginald Hill– Exit Lines

Reginald Hill– Exit Lines

Inspector Pascoe finds himself bereft of all those he holds near, if not dear, as three septuagenarians meet an untimely end.

Without Dalziel, Pascoe recruits a string of new faces from the station to delve into the world of the aged and infirm. Between a lanky dog magnet, an enthusiastic young detective and a droll sergeant, detective Pascoe will have his work cut out for him in order to successfully navigate illegal gambling, petty theft, drug-running and a consumptive but irresistibly alluring restauranteur's wife.

This is the fourth Reginald Hill book I've read and until Exit Lines I can't say I've really enjoyed any of them especially. There is no question that Hill is a skilled storyteller but as I've said before I find his writing geared towards an older, gentler audience.

The fact that this novel was penned almost 25 years ago, when Hill himself was a younger man, may go some way toward explaining why I found this book more to my tastes. Until I read another early piece of his work I won't know for sure so watch this space...


304 pages

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