Neil Gaiman– Anansi Boys

Neil Gaiman– Anansi Boys

Anansi Boys is the first Neil Gaiman work I've read. I say "work" because I want to sound smart. Actually I say "work" because Neil Gaiman has produced not only novels but also graphic novels, most famously The Sandman which I have not read but perhaps should.

I found the writing in Anansi Boys to be reminiscent of Douglas Adams and also Terry Pratchett, which goes without saying. This is most evident in his characters examination of the minutiae of everyday life and its absurdity.

I like Douglas Adams so this was actually no impediment to my enjoyment of the tale. What was an impediment was the way the main character was upstaged by almost every other character. I understand that every story needs a straight-man against which normality can be measured however, unlike Arthur Dent, a bland but never inert character, "Fat" Charlie Anansi is so unreactive that when a scene revolves around him it is a disappointment.

Having said that, the supporting characters are exceptional and memorable to a man/woman. For this reason alone, (the story itself is unremarkable) I recommend reading this book.

384 pages.

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